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We Have Multiple Camp Options To Fit Your Needs!

June 28th – August 18th For Kids 5 – 12 Years Old

Never Stop Exploring Our Planet & YOU Full Day Camp

Full-day camp. Select 1-5 days per week.

Session Times:

Age Requirements:

Adventure Tracks Half Day Camp

Half-day camp, Monday to Friday.

Session Times:

Age Requirements:

* All ages are based on age on June 1st

Never Stop Exploring with Club K This Summer!

Serving The Following Locations:

Boeckman (Wilsonville)

Durham (South Tigard)

Metzger (North Tigard)

Never Stop Exploring Our Planet & YOU Full Day Camp

Here’s A Peak At Your explorers full day Weekly Themes!

Moving Mountains

Polar Opposites: Deserts and Glaciers

Urban Adventures

The Wonders of Water

Jungle Safari

Enchanted Forests

Space is the Place

Eruption of Fun, Summer is Done!

Choose anywhere from 1 to 5 days of attendance
each week that meet your family’s needs!

“Never Stop Exploring” Camps Keep Academics Going Strong

Summer learning with “Never Stop Exploring” themes prepares your child for the new school year. Every exciting field trip, game, and social-emotional learning activity is aligned with each week’s theme for one of a kind summertime adventures.

Epic Outdoor Play For More Socializing And Fun

For up to two hours a day, your child will play outside, hop through water spray and jets on a splash pad, or help out on a bee farm co-op. Daily outdoor play uplifts moods and celebrates summertime–the best time to be a kid.

Adventure Tracks Half Day Camp

Here’s What Your Child Will Explore!

Adventure Track #1 - Science & Technology

I Can Code, Create and Invent with Science and Technology!

Campers will code their own robot, invent a game using recycled materials, and experiment with polymers and mixtures. Let’s find our next generation of STEM Leaders!

Adventure Track #2 - Music

I Can Find My Own Rhythm and Beat with Music!

You can’t stop the beat this week with campers learning forms of dance from around the world, playing drums, ukuleles and bells, and performing in a week end talent show! Curtain Call for Club K! We are performing live!

Adventure Track #3 - Sports

I Can Be Healthy, Active and Balanced with Sports!

Let’s get active this week with yoga, healthy snack creation and practicing our favorite team sports: volleyball, soccer, basketball, kickball and football. Breathe in, breathe out, and get ready for fun!

Adventure Track #4 - 3D Art

I Can Envision, Form and Create the Unimaginable in 3D Art! 

What you can think of we can make this week with paper crafting, textile art, clay, fabric and more! Hands on creation to remind you what is possible when you put your mind to it. 

Adventure Track #5 - Engineering

I Can Design, Program and Build with Engineering!

What does it take to build something new? Use paper, computers and three dimensional objects to design buildings, solve problems and rise up to daily camp challenges. You can build it if you can envision it!

Adventure Track #6 - Art

I Can Amaze, Animate and Astound with Artistic Expression!

Animation can be astounding… Use digital animation, stop motion animation, clay animation, and anime drawing techniques to create your own new anime characters and stories to illustrate your adventures in the future!

Adventure Track #7 - Drama

I Can Perform, Relate and Tell Stories with Drama!

Once upon a time, do you have a story to tell? Step up to tell your story with DRAMA, create sets, music, detailed makeup and costumes and let your story light up the stage!

Adventure Track #8 - Animals & Nature

I Can Investigate Insects, Animals, Nature and Celebrate The Planet! 

Are you intrigued by what crawls in the night and in the dirt? Get into nature and learn about insects, animals and plants and how you can make a difference with supporting happy habitats!

Caring Teachers With Warm Familiar Faces

Many of the same teachers your child knows and trusts from the school year embark on summer camp fun too. Your child already has a relationship with the experienced adults caring for them.

Trusted Care That Now Spans More Than 15 Years

Known as a trusted choice for high-quality after-school programming, your child benefits from long-standing relationships and proven leadership to make their summer the perfect blend of fun and learning.

Fun Events Will Add A Sparkle To The Day

Nothing spells summer more than a Kona ice truck stocked with refreshing treats, plus virtual field trips to museums and must-see destinations broaden your child’s horizons, and in-house visits from bearded lizards and exotic bugs amaze and delight.

Dance And Music Activities Definitely Keep Up The Fun

Get your body moving! It’s fun and easy when a Zumba instructor visits and dances with your child, keeping their muscles and coordination strong. Obstacle courses offer challenge, and music instructors introduce your child to guitar and drums for creative collaboration.

Safety And Summer Go Hand-In-Hand

A partnership with private security training consultants keeps your child’s teachers informed and trained with practiced preparedness plans for expert responses no matter the event so that you can trust your child is safe this summer.

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