Convenient, Fun, And Reliable Care

Keep Your Child Engaged, Entertained, And Learning During Holidays And Breaks

Customizable Care Is Convenient For You

You don’t always get the same time off your little one does, so take advantage of full-day programming that keeps you both covered. Your child has fun and keeps up with skill-building, while your schedule doesn’t skip a beat.

Discovery Units For More Hands-On Learning Fun

A deep dive into topics allows your child to learn about things they love most. An accompanying activity makes it hands-on, like putting together a quilt when learning about the community or designing spider webs out of yarn for the bug unit.

In-House Visitors Add Some Variety To The Fun

All-inclusive field trips, guest presenters, and on-site workshops mix up the day with exciting places to see and activities to try. In-house visitors complement your child’s learning themes and projects for an engaging way for your child to explore various topics.

Snacks Are Provided At No Additional Cost

Count on a yummy snack to keep your child fueled for active learning fun. Snacks are healthy, are fresh, and kid-approved, so you can rest assured your child is getting the nutrition they need to keep up with their play every day.

Seasonal Themes That Highlights The Holidays

Take advantage of full-day programming that harnesses the magic of the holidays and vacation breaks for fun, themed learning like:

To see what services are available in your district, please review our 2023-2024 calendar:

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