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2022 Tuition Agreement Form
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Your registration will not be considered complete until the Registration form and Tuition Agreement are fully completed. Your child is not registered until you receive a confirmation email from [email protected].

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I agree to pay a non-refundable enrollment/registration fee of $85.00 per child. I understand this fee is collected upon child care enrollment/re-enrollment for each program.

I agree to pay a deposit equal to one week's tuition collected upon enrollment. I understand that this payment will be applied to my last payment at the end of my contract or upon my 30 day notice to withdraw.


Payments are due in advance of care as noted on the rate sheet and in the confirmation email. Tuition will be withdrawn on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Tuition is calculated and amortized for the entire program. Prorations, discounts, and attendance factors are built into the program rates. Our rates are structured by the enrollment space reserved rather than the amount of time used. Tuition is not reduced due to absences, vacations, suspensions, weather related closures, school district closures/delays, the Covid-19 Pandemic, holidays, etc. Credits are not issued and funds are non-transferrable for withdrawals that occur outside of the termination policy date range (see Termination below for details).


Tuition is paid via secure Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) on the 1st and 15th of the month. A $50.00 late charge will apply 5 days after the tuition due date or for any returned payments. The program tuition amount is divided into equal payments and is based on the care days available. I give permission for Club K After School Zone to draft deposits/fees from my Tuition Express® account. Deposits, registration fees and tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. For current/returning families: my financial information on file is current. I will notify Club K 10 days in advance if my banking institution, account, or persons on the account have changed. A new Tuition Express Form must be completed. I authorize Club K After School Zone to initiate debit entries to my Checking or Savings account indicated on the Tuition Express Form.


A fee of $35 will be collected for all first time returned payments. The second time a payment returns, $50 will be collected. If Club K receives two (2) returned payments, regardless of the reason, I understand there may be an interruption of care and my child may be disenrolled from the program.


Any fees or charges incurred due to a delinquent account or an outstanding balance after withdrawal from the program will be subject to collection action. There will be an added fee of $250 on any account turned over to a collection agency to cover the costs of collection, attorney fees, etc.


The late pick up fee begins at 1 minute after your designated program plan time ends and is $20.00 plus $1 per minute per child up to the first 15 minutes. Beginning at 16 minutes after your designated program plan time ends, an additional $20 charge plus $1 per minute per child for the next 15 minutes will apply. The $20 fee will be charged in 15 minute increments in addition to the $1 per minute late fee. The fee is due and payable via EFT the next business day. If I am late more than 3 times, my child may be disenrolled.


Refer to our Program Calendar for specific closure dates.


This Agreement may not be cancelled during the program. I understand that registration is by program and I am not obligated to register for other programs moving forward. Club K After School Zone and Kids Kastle on Campus, Inc. reserve the right to terminate this Agreement at any time.

Tuition Express Section

We are excited to offer the safety, convenience and ease of Tuition Express™- an automatic payment processing system that allows on-time tuition and fee payments to be made from your bank account.


I (we) hereby authorize CLUB K AFTER SCHOOL ZONE(business name) to initiate debt entries to my (our) Checking or Savings Account indicated below. to properly affect the cancellation of this agreement, I (we) are required to give 10 days written notice.

Account Type


I have received, read and understand the information contained in the Family Handbook, Tuition Rate Sheet, and in this Tuition Agreement. I agree and understand I am bound by the terms and conditions of these documents. By typing/signing my name below and electronically submitting my registration to Club K After School Zone, I certify the information is true and correct and I Agree to the terms and conditions of my child participating in the Club K After School Zone program.


A voided check or bank issued direct deposit form must accompany this document in order for your registration to be processed.

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